Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tale of the Evil Spirit
Most Americans are familiar with the Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle,but this is a story of Tsawhawbitts,an evil spirit in human form.

This spirit drove an ancient civilization of Redmen from lush hunting grounds of the Bruneau River,where Idaho's present day border bumps with Nevada's Northern Mountains.

Eons ago a peaceful tribe of Redmen inhabited the shores of the Bruneau river and roamed the fertile country between Jarbridge and Charleston in Northern Elko county,Nevada.

The grass grew tall and there was much wild game to hunt,fish were plentiful in the streams.

Small bands of tribes made their homes here in the rolling valleys and lived in tranquility,but the serenity of existance could not be maintained.

A tale of superstition passed along through the tribes concerning an evil spirit named Tsawhawbitts.

This spirit was a giant who stalked the Indian hunters like the Indian did wild game.

He was huge,with one step he could cross the Bruneau,no one was safe.On his broad back he carried a basket which he filled with hunters for his own feast.Snatching them up from a pine thicket or along a stream,he would stuff them in his basket and disappear into a crater.

The Indian bands began to flee in all directions,and were killed by lesser tribes,and with each generation memories of the North country dissapeared.

For generations this north country was avoided by all tribes.The tribal memory of evil spirit was handed down for centuries.

Todays name of Jarbridge is an emasculated contraction of the legendary name,and as if to lend a note of truth ta an ancient tale.Relics of this flint age have been unearthed along the Bruneau.

Now could it be simple cicumstance that one of these ragged peaks once within the domain of Tsawhawbitts,be named Mt.Ichabod?

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